Top Podcasts for those in Risk


Looking for a new medium to keep you risk management aware? Consider podcasts – perfect for the daily commute and handsfree learning.

The below podcasts are the best subscriptions to get the latest in risk management directly on your phone and in your ears.

  1. Mastering Risk Management Podcast with Anthony Wilson

Covering topical risks and interviewing industry experts, this bi-monthly Australian podcast is designed to shed knowledge and experience. Whether interested in exploring the future of risk management or learning from risk expert Brett Palmer, this podcast explores risk management from multiple perspectives with a no-nonsense approach.

Listen to the Mastering Risk Management Podcast here.

  1. The Risk Management Association

Produced by the Risk Management Association, this podcast covers topics from ‘Model Variation’ to ‘Raising the Bar on Information and Cybersecurity Risk Management Practices’. These snappy five to ten-minute weekly podcasts are information nuggets worth the subscription.

Listen to The Risk Management Association podcast here.

  1. RIMScast

RIMS’ official podcast shines a weekly spotlight on risk management hot topics with the industry’s leading lights. From ‘The Current State of the Risk Management Profession’s Talent Supply' to ‘Measuring Reputation Risk’, the content covered is broad, in-depth and highly topical.

Listen to RIMScast podcast here.

  1. Public Risk Management

Looking at risk management within the public sector, PRIMA’s Risk Management Podcast Series is an “innovative, time-efficient, educational resource”. These weekly, twenty-minute listens are the best way to stay up to date with the public risk management community when on-the-go.

Listen to the Public Risk Management podcast here.

  1. Cyber Risk Management Podcast

Brought to you by hosts Kip Boyle, Founder and CEO of Cyber Risk Opportunities, and Jake Bernstein, an attorney and Certified Information Systems Professional, this podcast looks at transforming cybersecurity problems into opportunities. Their half an hour, fortnightly content covers everything from ‘cyber risk and public relations’ to ‘What’s at the intersection of AI and cybersecurity?’.

Listen to the Cyber Risk Management Podcast here.

Is a top risk management podcast missing from’s subscriptions? The above list is by no means conclusive, let us know what favourites we are missing here.

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