Location Focus

  • As the scope of risk management in Europe grows at a brisk clip, the demand for skilled risk professionals is on the rise across the continent.
  • The USA was built on a foundation of risk-taking. Fast-forward to the modern day and risk management has evolved into an indispensable discipline in the US business landscape.
  • The UK capital may be in political disarray but for individuals working in risk management the tides are unlikely to change too drastically...
  • We take a look at the market for Risk Management jobs in London, and what experience and skills are required to be successful in these roles.
  • Among the top 15 highest paying finance jobs in the US, according to a recent survey by LinkedIn, senior risk jobs in particular command salaries of around $160,000 to $187,000 with companies including PwC, Edelman and Johnson & Johnson being among those seeking talent.
  • The most significant factor to consider in looking at risk jobs in Europe is the impact of Brexit on opportunities in the region.