Risk Management

  • Risk management models are designed to help organisations identify, analyse, and mitigate risks so they’re prepared to deal with them should they occur. So, what is the three lines of defence risk model and where do risk professionals fit into it?
  • If you were to rank order different professions by the importance of stakeholder management to them, Risk Management would be close to the top of the list. Why? Because individuals are behind every risk a business faces.
  • Organisations face many different types of risk, that without proper identification and contingency planning, can seriously impact their performance, which is why risk management is so important. This is where the Risk Management Consultant comes in, to guide businesses through potential hazards.
  • In evaluating career opportunities in risk it is important to have a good understanding of different risk roles. Here we share the differences between risk analysis and risk management.
  • Third-party relationships have become a fulcrum of successful operations for agile organisations in the transformative age – a time of both limitless opportunity and unprecedented risk. So, it’s important for businesses to ask themselves: do we really know who we are doing business with?
  • Climate change is undoubtedly one of the largest global issues of the coming decade, but how does it affect businesses and how does risk management need to adapt?
  • No longer is Risk Management an individual, narrow sector but rather an interdisciplinary field that requires an all-inclusive, integrated approach.