Sector Focus

  • If you’re looking to launch your career in risk analysis or risk management, credit risk could provide a great opening gambit. We look at what you need to know to get started and what's involved in a career in credit risk.
  • You've decided on risk management and the sector you want to work in, now it's time to consider the different types of risk jobs available to you.
  • With the nature of risk broad and highly diverse, the high-threat risks facing one sector can be completely unique when compared to another. have broken down the top risks facing the four leading industry sectors below.
  • Risk management – highly diverse and highly collaborative. A career in risk management is underpinned by communication.
  • Whether the headline surrounds money laundering scandals or heightened regulations, financial crime is not lacking headline making news.
  • The UK capital may be in political disarray but for individuals working in risk management the tides are unlikely to change too drastically...
  • Technical acumen and academic qualifications may get you through the door, but once you’re sitting across from your interviewer the real work begins.
  • We take a look at the market for Risk Management jobs in London, and what experience and skills are required to be successful in these roles.